People Are Catching Pokémon in the Most Ridiculous Places

People Are Catching Pokémon in the Most Ridiculous PlacesPeople Are Catching Pokémon in the Most Ridiculous Places
Ryan General
July 11, 2016
Since the launch of the hit augmented-reality game Pokémon Go, thousands of players have heeded the call to get out of their houses and out into the real world to hunt and capture some cute Pokémon.

The sought after creatures are well hidden by developer Niantic in a variety of places such as public parks, establishments, even sidewalks.

The app also has designated certain areas where players can stock on virtual items caled PokéStops or places where players can compete with other players called Gyms.

However, in the very short span since the game’s release, people have also been finding Pokémons in some pretty weird locations.
One particular Gym in Pokémon GO was spotted by Redditor ProtoSori at an actual Westboro Baptist Church.
“Love Is Instinct,”  user lwlinalw, who claimed to be the first one to conquered the location with a Clefairy, wrote in the r/PokemonGO subreddit comment section,
Another Reddit user by the name wastedjoel, was lying on a hospital bed when the Pokemon Ghastly appeared. “Not a great sign,” he wrote.
User RMutah, who was accompanying his/her mom to the hospital, happened to spot an Ekans Pokemon. Despite the unfortunate event that the mother “had to get some stitches,”  RMutah, could not resist the urge to get the virtual fella smiling beside the hospital bed.
Redditor Bringther1ot’s wife was going into labor when he just had to catc a Pidgey. “When your wife is about to have a baby and a Pokemon shows up and you have to low-key catch it…” Bringther1ot wrote.
Twitter user Ali A, didn;t mind trespassing someone else’s backyard to claim it as his Pokemon Gym. He tweeted: “I kid you not, I just walked into someone’s backyard so I could claim this Gym on Pokemon GO!”
For rural areas, the game developers found a way to add more landmarks. In Finland, an abandoned hot dog stand became a landmark. Twitter user Holder finds the new landmark hilarious, tweeting: “Some of these Finnish Pokestops are amazing lmao.”
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Twitter user EugeneLeeYang was not surprised to find Machop inside a gay bar. “OF COURSE a wild Machop appeared at the gay bar last night #PokemonGo”
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Unfortunately, not everyone is having fun yet as developers are still working on fixing its servers.
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