People are Going Crazy for Gumbo After Patron Leaves $2,000 Tip

People are Going Crazy for Gumbo After Patron Leaves $2,000 Tip
Jacob Wagner
May 28, 2015
Apparently, one generous patron at a Washington, D.C. restaurant loved the gumbo there so much, he left a $2,000 tip. His receipt went viral, and many netizens have now developed a mad craving for good gumbo.
What’s funny is that gumbo isn’t even on the menu at restaurant Blue 44 — it’s only sometimes offered as the soup of the day.
The generous tipper, whose identity isn’t revealed, is a huge gumbo fan and periodically emails restaurant owner Christofer Nardelli and chef James Turner to ask when they will be serving gumbo next. He said he would stop by on Monday night, so they cooked up a batch.
When the patron came by with a guest, they were both excited for gumbo. They must have really loved it because the patron asked for more to go, so the restaurant packed up a couple of quarts for him on the house.
As the owner was counting up the register later that night, they noticed the generous tip — $2,000 for a $93.23 bill. Thats 2,145% gratuity. The man even left a note on how to divide the tip: $1,000 for Turner and $500 each for Nardelli and the bartender.

“I looked and adjusted my glasses; that’s a lot of zeroes.

“We’ve never seen anything remotely close to this, you see 100% or 200%, but never anything like this.”

Since the gumbo receipt went viral, people are super curious to see just how good the gumbo at Blue 44 is.

“Our chef is going crazy to make sure we have large batches, things like this will obviously bring in a wave of people who want to try it.

“We’ve had several calls since 9:00 am from people telling us, ‘I am looking for good gumbo.’ “

Nardelli says he plans to use his $500 tip to help cover his daughter’s daycare costs and will split the remaining amount with his staffers.
Who’s wishing they had a big, hot, classic Louisiana bowl of andouille sausage and chicken right about now?
Source: CNNMoney
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