Penguins Get Hypnotized By Yo-Yo Tricks at Japanese Zoo

A video of a group of mesmerized penguins watching a performer do awesome yo-yo tricks at the Awashima Marine Park, south of Tokyo, is going viral on Japanese social media, Daily Mail reported.

The clip, posted online by Twitter user @ninayukisan on Feb. 25, shows the group of penguins appearing to be entranced by the man’s yo-yo tricks.

They try to follow the toy as fast as they can, but sadly they just could not keep up with it.

The man even tries to switch up his tricks, but these adorable penguins will not budge. They are so fixated on the toy that they follow the man to the other side of the glass enclosure.

We do not blame the adorable penguins, though. It is hard not to be amazed by the man’s cool tricks.

Featured Image screenshot via Twitter/@ninayukisan

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