Penguin Loses It After Coming Home To Find His Wife With Another Man, Bloody Fight Ensues

I always thought that penguins were cute and peaceful creatures only capable of love. After watching the following video, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In a recent video by National Geographic, a male penguin comes back to his nest to find his wife with another man.

Naturally, the husband flips out and immediately attacks the home wrecker.

An epic fight ensues and both men draw blood. Who knew their fins were so powerful?

After a brief fight, they both call out to the female to make her choose who she wants to be with.

Unfortunately, she chooses the home wrecker.

The husband decides not to give up so easily and ups the ante. He starts using his beak to try gouging his enemy’s eyes out.

Watch the video below to see the drama unfold.

These penguins ain’t loyal.

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