Pedestrians Run For Their Lives as Building Gets Demolished Without Warning in China

A frightening scene in China was witnessed by terrified citizens after a local landmark was suddenly demolished, apparently without warning.

The incident, which caused a massive commotion on the surrounding area in Changzhou, was caught on camera by several bystanders.

In the footage uploaded on Chinese social media, surprised pedestrians are seen running for their lives as the 180-foot structure collapsed behind them. Road traffic next to the building is also noticeably running as indicated in one of the videos.

According to Shanghaiist, the 12-story building was brought down last week, apparently without proper safety barriers and signs set up in place by city officials.

Within seconds, the huge building was reduced to rubble after it went down, blowing a huge cloud of dust and sending other debris dangerously flying nearby.

It was not reported if anyone was hurt during the demolition.

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