Pedestrian in Indonesia Schools Scooter Driver at Crosswalk in the Most Extra Way Possible

An Indonesian pedestrian was recently caught on camera teaching a motorcycle rider why it’s not a good idea to wait in the middle of a zebra crossing.

According to Taiwan News, no one knows the exact location, date and time the video was taken, but some online users speculated that the incident could’ve taken place in the capital of Indonesia’s West Java Province, Bandung.

The clip, which was posted to Instagram on August 29, shows a man casually crossing over a scooter that is seemingly parked in the middle of the zebra crossing while waiting for a green light.

Using the driver’s shoulder for support, the man stepped up onto the backseat of the motorcycle and proceeded to cross over as if it’s no big deal. After stepping down from the vehicle, the man confronted the driver and told him he was in the middle of the zebra crossing.

Fortunately, the motorcycle rider acknowledged that he was in the wrong spot and pushed his bike back behind the crossing.

Spectators in the background of the video can be heard laughing and giggling. Luckily, the incident was rather peaceful and didn’t lead to a fight.

Featured Image via Instagram / budayadisiplin

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