Angry Mother Murders Boy Who Got Teen Daughter Pregnant After Buying a Gun in One Day

Angry Mother Murders Boy Who Got Teen Daughter Pregnant After Buying a Gun in One Day
Ryan General
October 12, 2017
An Asian American mother from Georgia was recently arrested by local authorities for fatally shooting a teenage boy who reportedly got her daughter pregnant.
According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Paw Law shot and killed her daughter’s fiancé, 17-year-old Nyatole Eh, inside their flat on East Ponce de Leon Avenue on October 8. Law, who has been charged with murder, is now detained in DeKalb County Jail.
Reports have indicated that the 57-year-old mother, originally from Myanmar, had apparently become upset the day before, upon learning that her 18-year-old daughter Madaya Be became pregnant and was planning to move with Eh to Wisconsin. 
“It appears mom had been planning this and was that adamant that she did not want her leaving with him,” Clarkston Police Detective Jason Elliot was quoted as telling Channel 2 Action News.
The detective narrated that the upset mother had gone to a nearby pawn shop to purchase a revolver following a heated argument between family members inside the apartment a day before the incident. Eh was shot several times in the kitchen the next morning. The mother even tried to shoot the gun on herself but her daughter was able to wrestle it away.
“It appears they were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. There was no type argument or even altercation. It’s looking like mom just walked up behind the victim and shot him,” Elliot added.
The heartbroken daughter, who’s currently four months pregnant, shared that she was shocked by her mother’s actions.
“It was surprising I never thought something like this was going to happen,” Be told Channel 2. “He’s a very good, innocent guy.”
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