Alt-Right YouTuber Sparks Racist Attack on Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran on Twitter

Kelly Marie Tran, the newest face in the “Star Wars” franchise, has been accepted by the public as the beloved, relatable hero from “The Last Jedi“.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to agree, especially Alt-Right internet personality Paul Ray Ramsey, who took to Twitter on December 18 to make fun of Tran and her appearance.

via Twitter / RAMZPAUL

His followers eagerly joined in, tweeting nasty comments about her weight, race, and appeal.

Ramsey also posted a video to his YouTube, wherein he sarcastically praised “The Last Jedi” for its progressive nature, again poking fun at Tran’s casting decision.

Largely considered to be one of the most important representatives of the Alt-Right, Ramsey holds a lot of sway with this population, and his comments encourage racism, sexism, and other discriminatory behaviors from his tens of thousands of followers. In an attempt to soften his messages, he often uses his brand of comedy in his videos, blogs, and social media posts.

Featured Image via YouTube / ramzpaul

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