Racist Ex-Realtor Arrested After Telling YouTuber ‘This is a no n****r zone’

Paul Ng, a former realtor who was fired after a video of him using racial slurs to confront a YouTuber went viral, has been arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Mugshot via Scottsdale Police Department

Ng was handcuffed and arrested on Saturday by Scottsdale police for disorderly conduct, according to the Phoenix New Times.


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Ng’s employment contract with real estate firm Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty was terminated soon after the video went viral.


On October 23, YouTuber DreTv! exposed Ng’s racism after Ng approached the YouTuber while filming. Ng was allegedly fearful that the YouTuber posed a threat to the area and said at one point in their conversation, “I am a racist,” and, “This is a no n****r zone.”

While being interviewed by the police, Ng admitted his use of the racial slur more than once during the incident, according to AsAmNews. He claimed he feared that the YouTuber was a thief scouting out the area. Ng told police earlier that a local business was vandalized during a riot and had $80,000 in merchandise stolen several months before. 

Ng later “implied that Black people do not belong in the area” to police. He maintains that he was provoked by the YouTuber and his team members.

Featured Image via DreTv !, Scottsdale Police Department

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