Pastor Suggests Genital Mutilation on Asian Women Who Are ‘Bitter’ Towards White Men

Pastor Suggests Genital Mutilation on Asian Women Who Are ‘Bitter’ Towards White Men
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
September 17, 2020
A pastor in Macomb Township, Michigan is in hot water after sending a scathing email to Sarah Jeong, a journalist who made headlines in 2018 for being “racist” toward White people.
In the email sent through his church’s domain, Rev. David Muns toyed with the idea of rounding up “all the little bitter Asian women,” placing them in a lottery and cutting their clitoris “like the Muslims do.”
Image via @sarahjeong
Muns was reportedly upset over a meme that was sent to him, which suggested a “castration lottery” for White men. The quote was attributed to Jeong, who previously worked in The New York Times’ editorial board.
But Muns discovered later that the meme was fake. Apparently, Snopes debunked it — among other false quotes — two years ago.
The meme in question features a quote falsely attributed to Sarah Jeong. Image via 4chan
“You would be surprised at how many people send me these kinds of messages from their work emails. But using the domain for your online church is a new low, and yes, I am going post your email on the internet,” Jeong tweeted Tuesday.
The journalist also posted a screenshot of Muns’ information, which identified him as the leader of the local Christian Life Church. Their official website is currently inaccessible.
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Jeong’s exposé has since gone viral, receiving more than 119,000 likes as of this writing. Users commented on the posts, denouncing Muns’ words.
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Hours after Jeong exposed his message, Muns reached out to apologize and admitted making “a bad mistake.”
“I understand my email was off base as I have been informed that it is not something you said,” he wrote. “Ms. Jeong, when I read it, and having prior knowledge of your position on the white race, I just assumed it was an accurate post, bad mistake. For months we have been juggling peace within our country between races, and pastoring an interracial church, that just threw me over the top.”
Muns told Jeong that he was simply trying to “reverse the roles” in his email. He added that he was actually successful in leading a mixed church.
“I am able to successfully pastor a mixed church because of my strong passion and beliefs that we’re all just humans living in different kinds of bodies trying to live life. When I saw the post that was fired at me in a taunting fashion, it hit my deepest nerve,” he noted. “I hope you receive my sincerest apologies and I truly hope you have grown beyond your frustration of us white folks, as we are all works in progress. I apologize to your followers that have had to go through this as I know they love and respect you as their anger demonstrates.”
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Feature Images via Christian Life Church (left) and @sarahjeong (right)
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