‘You Brought This Disease Here’: Racist Motorcyclist Tries to Run Over Pasadena Couple


A couple was walking in their neighborhood in Pasadena, CA on Saturday when a motorcyclist sped towards them to scream and almost run them over.

Mel Brian Vizcarra Patron, one of the victims of the hate crime, detailed the incident on a Facebook post on Sunday.

He explained that as he was on strolling along with his wife, Francesca Patron, the motorcyclist made a U-turn only to speed onto the sidewalk and tried to drive the couple into an alcove.

The motorcyclist blocked the couple in the alcove and proceeded to threaten them, reportedly saying things like “F’ing Asians, M-fers. You brought this disease here.”

Fortunately, the scene caught the attention of someone who happened to be driving by. The witness reportedly called the police, which scared the attacker away. The couple was able to film a video of the attacker as they rode off.

No one was physically hurt, but the couple was “incredibly shaken up and grieving deeply.”

They are asking the public for help in identifying the attacker and to repost their story. They also ask not to “respond to the hatred with more hatred,” rather to “rise up together in peace and justice.” 

NextShark has reached out to Mel and Francesca for further comment.

Feature Images via Mel Brian Vizcarra Patron

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