Parrot Gives Smooches to Little Taiwanese Girl in Adorable Video


A video of a little girl getting plenty of love and smooches from her pet parrot Mai Mai is melting hearts on the Internet.

The adorable moment was captured in Taiwan on Nov. 2.


“It rushes to relatives when they arrive,” the description of the video said via ViralHog. “I have never seen it do this before and I thought it was very funny.”

Parrots, which are known for mimicking their human caretakers’ behaviors, are intelligent and social animals.

Those raised in the wild often learn the calls and sounds made by their families and flocks to “preserve flock cohesion and as a means of communicating with each other,” according to evolutionary ecologist and ornithologist Devorah Bennu, widely known by her pseudonym GrrlScientist, via The Guardian.

Since Mai Mai is a domestically-bred parrot, the animal mimics the humans’ calls and sounds instead of other birds.

Feature Image Screenshot via ViralHog

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