Woman Dodges Parking Ticket After Noticing Missing Comma

One Ohio woman legitimately got out of a parking ticket after noticing the simplest grammar mistake in the village law.
Andrea Cammelleri was issued a parking ticket back in 2014 when she parked her pickup truck in the village of West Jefferson. According to the village law, certain types of vehicles can’t be parked for more than 24 hours in the area, specifically, “any motor vehicle camper, trailer, farm implement and/or non-motorized vehicle.”
Cammelleri argued that her truck does not fit the description of “motor vehicle camper,” even though the written law meant “motor vehicle, camper, … ”
The village argued that in context, the law was clear, but Judge Robert Hendrickson of the 12th Ohio District Court of Appeals sided with Cammerelli’s case while urging the village to fix the simple grammar error.
In the end, it really pays to read the fine print and know your grammar.
Source: Mashable
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