Chinese Grandpa Swinging on a Bar Accidentally Sends Little Girl Flying, Sparks Debate Over Who’s at Fault


A very active grandfather ignited an online debate after a video surfaced of him accidentally hitting an unsuspecting girl while exercising. 

The accident happened at Ditan Park in Beijing. In the viral clip, the grandfather, who is believed to be quite the local celebrity, can be seen doing his famous exercise routine where he impressively spins around while having his shoes attached on a horizontal bar, according to Shanghaiist.


However, moments later an unsuspecting girl cheerfully passing by is struck by the elderly man as he swings.

She was immediately sent to the hospital after the accident, and it was later confirmed that her life is not in any danger as a result of the collision. The parents, however, contacted the police and reported the incident.

Weibo users meanwhile criticized the parents for calling the police and blamed them for not paying much attention to the little girl. “Parents are responsible for their children. It’s the grandpa that should be going to the police, not you,” one of the popular comments read.

It’s a public park, not the Bird’s Nest stadium,” another user wrote, suggesting that both party was somewhat at fault in the accident.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Anecdote News

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