K-Pop Star is Too Young to Drink Wine So Taiwan Gave Him Boba Milk Tea Instead

K-Pop Star is Too Young to Drink Wine So Taiwan Gave Him Boba Milk Tea Instead
Ryan General
By Ryan General
March 4, 2019
South Korean singer Park JiHoon was given bubble tea to drink before meeting with fans during his recent visit to Taiwan.
The 19-year-old K-pop star, whose Korean boy group “Wanna One” disbanded earlier this year, made Taipei his first stop for a fan meeting during his solo Asia Tour.
A day before the highly anticipated fan event on March 2, JiHoon met with local reporters for a press conference.  
Wearing a vertically striped matching tuxedo and his signature “saving” pose, JiHoon was all smiles during the event, which saw him enjoying a tall glass of Taiwan’s specialty, milk tea.
Netizens poked fun at the ceremonial milk tea drinking, with one viral post noting that “Park Jihoon is still young so instead of having some wine in the presscon, we all had bubble tea instead.” 
As it turns out, Just Live, the organizers of the fan meeting, reportedly presented him with the popular beverage as a gesture since Taiwan is famous for their milk tea.
Indeed, Park JiHoon appears to be quite happy to receive the country’s specialty. During the event, Park JiHoon also obliged to do a series of his famous posing sets for the reporters. 
Park JiHoon, also known as the “Wink Boy” for his unique wink pose, brought his own Korean dance crew to Taiwan to perform for the fan meeting scheduled on March 2.
It was successfully held at the 3/F of the National Taiwan University Sports Center, the same venue as Wanna One’s fan meeting back in 2017.
Featured Image via YouTube / stardailynews
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