MMA Fighter Refuses to Take Photos With Ring Girl After Being Accused of Sexual Harassment

After being unjustly accused of sexual harassment, South Korean fighter Park Dae Sung has learned to stay away from ring girls.

Park, who won the “Road FC 036 $1M Tournament” on Saturday in Jangchung Gymnasium, can be seen running away from a ring girl, and at one point even shouted “Don’t come!” at her during the usual photo-taking ritual held after a match.

His seemingly unusual reaction stems from a sexual harassment accusation Park got after he allegedly grabbed and touched a ring girl by force at ‘Road FC Young Guns 31’ back in December.

Park Dae Sung’s controversial actions that led to the sexual harassment claim can be seen here:

The athlete’s new behavior is shown below:

According to AllKPop, most netizens sided with the fighter, with most commenting on the unfairness of the other ring girl’s allegation.

“When he gets afraid of women because of this… I feel bad,” said a social media commenter.

“I wouldn’t have touched her either. He got accused and called a pervert for just placing his hand on her waist,” one netizen pointed out.

“It’s true that his actions were overdramatic but I’m glad he overcame the criticism and took the victory,” another one said.

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