Paris Hilton is Actually Better at Making Money Than Donald Trump

With the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump has constantly said that his business acumen is what makes him qualified to run the country. But just how good of a businessman is he?

In a question answered on Quora, user Kevin Flint compares Trump’s business history to the performance of heiress Paris Hilton:

“Paris Hilton only inherited $5 million, yet created a business empire valued around $1 billion by age 30.

Trump inherited over $200 million, and in decades of effort hasn’t even outperformed an index mutual fund.

So not only would I say Trump isn’t a business genius, but Trump isn’t even close to being the best business minded reality television star. He is thoroughly trumped by a very successful woman dismissed by many as “vapid,” “naive,” “stupid” and far worse insults.

​Hilton turns 35 this year, meaning she is now qualified to run for President. And if people consider business success a presidential quality, Hilton is far more qualified than Donald Trump.

For those of you who think Hilton has no business empire. She is much further along than far more privileged Donald Trump was at her age.”

According to Forbes, Donald Trump, 70, has an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. Paris Hilton, now 35, has an estimated net worth of $100 million, but her company has never had to file for bankruptcy either, unlike Donald Trump’s four companies.

If Trump thinks business acumen alone is what it takes to be president, perhaps Paris Hilton would have a better chance than he does.

h/t: TheFederalist

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