Parents Leave Helpless Baby Inside a Locker Before Going to the Pool in China

A Chinese couple sparked the outrage of netizens after leaving their baby inside a locker so they could enjoy themselves freely at a public bathhouse.

Footage first published on Kankanews shows a worker at the bathhouse helping the couple open a wooden locker, before the mother pulled out the crying toddler.

As seen in the video, the worker was easily shocked upon learning what’s been kept inside. It is unclear how long the child had been in the cabinet.

The parents’ actions quickly drew ire from netizens who called them “careless”, “selfish” and “irresponsible”.

Some worried that the child may become claustrophobic in the future, while others wanted the parents to pay for their actions and never have any more children.

Commenters wrote (via Daily Mail):

“The child looked powerless when it was pulled out. How scared the child must have been after being left in such a dark and small space,” one person said.

“How careless could the parents be? The child is not an object. If it’s not convenient, then don’t go to take the bath,” another commented.

It is unknown if the parents will face any consequences for their unbecoming gesture.

Watch the shocking footage below:

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