A Panda’s ‘Abstract Paintings’ are Selling for $500 Each to Help Zoo Raise Money

A hardworking panda in Austria is creating works of art to help fund the zoo’s illustrated books about the cuddly animals.

Yang Yang, an 18-year-old panda currently staying at Schönbrunn Zoo, is working really hard to help the zoo raise some money. Each abstract painting costs more than $500, according to Shanghaiist.

The female panda’s target goal is to paint 100 works of art, the zoo’s zoological curator, Eveline Dungl, told AFP. She can create three paintings in a single day depending on her mood, and sometimes she can reach up to eight.

Her style also varies depending on her condition of the day sometimes (she paints) full of energy and vigor, sometimes rather more calmly with caution. But she finds it great,” Dungl said in the interview.

After finishing a single artwork, the staff at the zoo will often reward her with snacks such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

It is a very nice diversion for her. You can see how much she enjoys it,” Dungle continued. “Often she actively grabs the brush, pulls it to her – and off she goes.”

Images Screenshot via YouTube / AFP news agency

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