Panda Express Settles Fortune-Cookie Dispute With The Killers in the Classiest of Ways

When The Killers discovered that the popular fast food chain Panda Express had sold fortune cookies with a known phrase from one of the band’s 2004 hits, they took to Twitter to point out the restaurant’s offense.


Apparently, Panda Express had used the phrase “smile like you mean it,” a reference to the band’s famous single of the same name, as a fortune cookie saying.

Hinting a demand of royalty in the form of delicious orange chicken, the band Tweeted:

Of course a lifetime supply of orange chicken is a bit steep and Panda Express gave a commendable reply that offers a much morereasonable and thoughtful alternative: make a donation to a charity the Killers’ would prefer.

In response, the musicians picked Las Vegas Valley’s Serving Our Kids, a nonprofit that works to feed the homeless youth.

Serving Our Kids executive director Dale Darcas told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the charity is “just appreciative of it and grateful that it happened. We’ll be able to grow and not have to worry as much about where we’re going to get our food and how we’re going to be able to take care of the kids.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Coolcaeser

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