Pakistani Teen Blocks Guy on Twitter With Hilariously Cold ‘Knock Knock’ Joke

People can be quite creative sometimes, even when they just want to block someone on social media like this teen from Karachi, Pakistan who just mercilessly – and hilariously – blocked her friend with a subzero “Knock Knock” joke.

via Facebook / alyshah.mehdi

Alyshah Mehdi, the brilliant teenager in question, apparently had a “beef going on” with one of her friends, Shayyan Jafri. The two were exchanging messages on Snapchat when the latter just suddenly stopped responding to her last week, according to the 19-year-old when she told BuzzFeed.

Irritated by this, Mehdi then decided to move their conversation on Twitter where she dropped the cold “Knock Knock” as a joke – and also, because she was pissed.

via Twitter / JafriShayyan

So she put her plan in motion by asking the guy the opening of the joke. Fortunately, he answered back, but little did he know, this was the opening of one of the coldest ways to block a person on social media.

via Twitter / JafriShayyan

Mehdi told BuzzFeed that Jafri was a little bit pissed by her joke, but he ultimately let it slip as he find her method of blocking someone quite funny – and people seem to agree that this is somewhat brilliant.

The way things took a turn was very unexpected,” Mehdi said. “He was low-key pissed after I blocked him, but then we laughed about it when we saw how people were reacting.”

The tweet, which was posted last Thursday by another user who goes by the handle of MrPolo_, garnered over 374,000 likes as of the time of writing with more than 129,000 shares on Twitter.

However, the original version of this viral post was first posted online by Jafri a couple of days before it blew up on social media.

Some people find this to be brilliant that they couldn’t wait to give this one a try to others who deserve it.

But there are those who tried to meme this one out, but failed miserably.

One user was successful, though, but it was on a different social media platform – still counts.

Luckily, Mehdi has since unblocked Jafri after this viral incident, as confirmed by BuzzFeed. However, he has yet to follow her back on Twitter.

Featured image (left) via Twitter / JafriShayyan | (right) via Facebook / alyshah.mehdi

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