Pakistani Man Forces Plane to Turn Around Because He Missed His Wife

A Pakistani man who was reportedly so lovesick for his wife forced a plane to turn around midair so that he could see her.

On March 11, Irfan Hakim Ali boarded a plane from Lahore, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for business when, for unknown reasons, he realized how much he missed his wife. He started throwing tantrums while onboard the Shaheen Air flight.

According to AsiaOne, Ali told the whole crew that his wife passed away and demanded an emergency landing. As per airline protocol, emergency landings are only done when there are technical problems, medical emergencies or unruly passengers.

Ali was able to convince the pilot to turn the plane around and make a landing only to find out later that the man was lying.

When officials investigated the incident, they found out that Ali’s wife was not dead — he confessed that he did what he did because he missed his wife. It was found out that the couple were newlyweds and Ali said he was not ready to leave his wife this soon for a job in Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps next time he should make up his mind before going to the airport.

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