Local Pakistanis attack Chinese tile company workers for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

Pakistan locals attack

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, local residents physically attacked employees of a Chinese tile manufacturing company for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. 

 What happened: In a viral video released by Zee News on Oct. 13, local Pakistanis are seen storming the premises of Time Ceramics Limited and attacking the company’s workers for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

  • According to Zee News, the Chinese company was blamed for manufacturing tiles with “PBUH” written on them. 
  • PBUH is often written after the name of the Prophet Muhammad and stands for “Peace Be Upon Him.” Muslims use the abbreviation to show respect to the Prophet Muhammad when mentioning his name.
  • The locals in Faisalabad reportedly also barged into the factory and destroyed the tiles. 
  • Chinese engineers and supervisors from the tile manufacturing company were reportedly “badly beaten up.”

Featured Image via Zee News

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