P1Harmony drop ‘Doom Du Doom’ music video and new EP ‘Harmony: Zero In’

P1Harmony drop ‘Doom Du Doom’ music video and new EP ‘Harmony: Zero In’
Daniel Anderson
July 21, 2022
FNC Entertainment boy group P1Harmony released their fourth EP “Harmony: Zero In” and its title track music video “Doom Du Doom” yesterday.

The EP is composed of five other tracks: “Black Hole,” “Yes Man,” “Swagger,” “Mirror Mirror” and “Different Song For Me.” Members Jongseob and Intak helped write the lyrics for “Doom Du Doom,” with other members helping to produce the overall album.
“Harmony: Zero In” is the start of a new string of EPs after the conclusion of their three-part “Disharmony” series. It is the group’s second comeback of the year.
The six-member group also collaborated with singer Pink Sweat$ on the English single “Gotta Get Back,” composed by Pink Sweat$ and co-written by Jongseob and Intak.

During a press conference for the “Harmony: Zero In” release, member Keeho said, “This album is about freedom and individuality and how we are going to go about living in this new world we created for ourselves, the new rules we are going to make, and how we’re going to live amongst each other – and how to live in harmony.”
P1Harmony’s new EP coincides with yesterday’s announcement of their upcoming KCON LA performance, rounding out a superstar-stacked lineup of K-pop groups such as Itzy, StayC, Ateez, Loona, Lightsum, Enhypen and “Queendom” Season 2 winner WJSN.
The group, composed of members Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob, debuted in October 2020 with the track “Siren.”
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