P.F. Chang’s is Opening in China But as an ‘American Bistro’

P.F. Chang’s is Opening in China But as an ‘American Bistro’P.F. Chang’s is Opening in China But as an ‘American Bistro’
Popular Asian-themed casual restaurant P.F. Chang’s is bringing its “American bistro” style to China, a concept reportedly more palatable to Chinese customers.
Operating more than 200 restaurants in the United States and over 100 outlets overseas, the restaurant chain formerly called P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is set to open its first location in Shanghai in early 2018.
P.F. Chang’s in Shanghai will be adopting a similar decor and most of the same menu items as restaurants in America. The restaurant, which considers itself as serving “Asian fusion cuisine”, specializes in American Chinese cuisine plus other Asian dishes but without too much focus on cultural authenticity. 
“If you want a classic Japanese sushi experience, you’re not going to come to us,” CEO Michael Osanloo told Business Insider. “But if you want some amazing rolls… we rock at that.”
He noted that their “American bistro” concept has reportedly tested well with Chinese consumers. Unlike most casual dining restaurants in the U.S., the food in P.F. Chang’s is made from scratch daily in each restaurant.
“What we think of a ‘Chinese’ food, it’s just food,” Osanloo said.
The brand has impressively endured the recent decline that has been plaguing the chain restaurant industry in the U.S. For the past two years, the restaurant has been outperforming competitors’ sales. In Q1 of 2017, it easily beat dining rivals by 75.6% in sales and 81.7% in foot traffic.
P.F. Chang’s, which is enjoying success in Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Turkey, Lebanon, Philippines, South Korea and many others, is not only expanding in China, but also in Bolivia, and Pakistan as well in 2018.
“I think that one day we’re going to be bigger in China than we are in the U.S.,” Osanloo was quoted as saying.
Founded in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang, P.F. Chang’s is owned and operated by Centerbridge Partners.
Feature image via Facebook/P.F.Chang’s
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