Owner of Santa Cruz Sushi Restaurant Reportedly Kicks Out WOC After ‘White Woman’ Harasses Them

Owner of Santa Cruz Sushi Restaurant Reportedly Kicks Out WOC After ‘White Woman’ Harasses Them
Leanna Chan
By Leanna Chan
July 31, 2018
Two women claim they were physically pushed out of a Japanese restaurant in Santa Cruz by the eatery’s Caucasian owner after a confrontation with another diner.
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Twitter user @putana_morena recounted how she and her friend were harassed by another diner at Akira Sushi in Santa Cruz, California.
“Y’all today a white woman called my friend a bitch before we left the restaurant. My friend stood there and stared her down and the white woman’s husband stood up in front of my friend and threatened her. The owner of the restaurant (also white) put hands on my friend and me and kicked us out and threatened to call the cops on us.”
She explained that her friend said excuse me as she passed the woman, her husband, and son who were standing in the hallway en route to the restaurant wait sign-up list.
However, the woman allegedly “yelled at my friend to apologize and to have manners. My friend told her she did say excuse me but the woman needed to for being rude.”
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The two claim they ignored the woman who continued to bother them. They decided to leave but the user says that “as we left, she called my friend a bitch.”
Her friend reportedly stood her ground but the woman’s “6ft husband stood directly in my friend’s face and told her to leave. That’s when the white manager immediately began pushing my friend from her upper chest and arm out the door, pushing me, too.
Allegedly, the owner told the women that “’their punk asses’ need to leave.”
The user claimed that the man called the police on them and did not confront the other diner about the argument.
Many have come to the support of the Twitter user and left negative reviews on Akira Sushi’s Yelp page, resulting in Yelp’s “Active Cleanup Alert.”
Last year, another white-owned Asian Santa Cruz restaurant faced controversy when O’mei Chinese Cuisine shuttered their doors after it was discovered that the owner, Roger Grigsby, made several donations to the campaign of a well-known Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke.
Feature Image via Twitter and Yelp / @putana_morena (left) and Jerry M. (right)
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