Korean Rapper Gets Dragged For Racist Rape Joke During Live Stream

Korean rapper Owen Ovadoz is under fire for a racist rape joke that he dropped during his most recent livestream on Instagram.

“I can’t stand white-skinned b*tches, I want to rape (them),” he said on the live stream, according to AllKpop, which has since taken down the original article.

Viewers of his stream clearly did not like the joke. Messages from fans calling him out soon flooded the screen as can be seen on the recap posted by Twitter user @cherryboyloo below.

Many international netizens expressed their disgust by Owen’s recent offensive joke. (A lot of the reactions may contain profanity.)

Owen sent out a statement via Instagram Story after the livestream received too much heat. But instead of trying to fix the issue, he intentionally added fuel to the fire by talking smack to his fans.

Image via AllkPop

“Oo out there and live your f*cking life, trash talking about how f*cked up I am is not gonna get you any better than just being a nosy ass. Mothafwaka I was drunk and was having fun with my bros and had no intention with whatever I said. Y’all people makes me sick. [sic],” he wrote.

Owen’s Instagram account has been set to private at the time of this writing.

Featured Image via Facebook / owen5nly (Left, Right)

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