Adorable Wild Sea Otters Visit Swimming Pool Because Singapore is Epic

Adorable Wild Sea Otters Visit Swimming Pool Because Singapore is EpicAdorable Wild Sea Otters Visit Swimming Pool Because Singapore is Epic
Bryan Ke
October 2, 2018
Two adorable otters were caught on film casually taking a dip in the swimming pool of a condominium building in Singapore
The random moment was captured by Shona Trench at The Berth by the Cove in Ocean Drive and later shared on the public Facebook group Nature Society (Singapore) on Monday.
Trench was in the pool when she and her friend spotted the animals as they dove into the water.
I jumped out immediately and grabbed my phone to film them… They eventually clambered out and exited along the path to the front of the condominium. Most people I think are happy to spot them,” the 57-year-old British housewife, who has been living in Singapore for eight years, told The Strait Times.
While Trench was caught off guard, other residents were not shocked to see the otters join humans in the pool.
Brian Ladrillo, a concierge officer of the condominium building, said that this was not the first time otters have been spotted lurking in the community.
The security guards and myself spot them quite frequently, often in the middle of the night at about 1am to 4am,” he said.
Kalai Vanan, deputy chief executive of the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, thinks the otters crossed the pool in search of food.
Vanan’s explanation makes sense as the otters immediately went straight into the nearby pond, hoping to catch some food.
However, some netizens expressed their concerns over the otters swimming in a pool that contains chlorine.
Jeffrey Teo, a veteran otter watcher, admitted that while he may not be an expert in the matter, he said that these aquatic mammals are “pretty hardy.”
While otters are coastal creatures, they still have to move inland to consume fresh water, which may explain why we are seeing more otters here. They were probably curious about the water body,” Teo said.
Images Screenshot via YouTube / Straits Times
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