Otaku’s Cousin Pays Him $35,000 After Their Kid Destroys His Gundam Collection

Otaku’s Cousin Pays Him $35,000 After Their Kid Destroys His Gundam CollectionOtaku’s Cousin Pays Him $35,000 After Their Kid Destroys His Gundam Collection
Khier Casino
March 8, 2019
Being an otaku can get quite expensive, with hundreds and thousands of dollars going to limited edition collectibles.
So when a Japanese man found his collection of exclusive action figures destroyed by his cousin’s child, his heart was just as broken, and his story is now going viral again.
To make the situation even more heartbreaking, the incident occurred when his relatives stayed over at his house for his grandmother’s funeral which was being held next door.
Before leaving for the ceremony, the man locked the collectibles room, which included what appeared to be Gundam action figures, DVDs and comic books.
But upon returning home, he discovered that the room had been ransacked and his collectibles were spread across the floor.
The child was reportedly able to unlock the room and decided to play with the memorabilia.
All 38 figurines, 41 limited edition action figures, nine sets of DVDs, 33 CDs, 45 comic books and a computer were wrecked, according to Good Times.
The man’s cousin and her husband apologized for the destruction, but apologies are not enough to pay for 3.14 million yen (more than $28,000) in damages.
The man said that some of the collectibles are not sold anymore, so the total loss could be higher. Others were purchased on discount and membership prices.
He showed his cousin the actual prices of his collectibles on Amazon, and she agreed to pay a total of 4 million yen ($35,982).
It is unknown exactly when this case came to a resolution, but a Twitter post puts this story happening as far back as November 2013.
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The child was reprimanded and was not allowed to celebrate his birthday as punishment.
Needless to say, nobody is allowed to go into that man’s house ever again.
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