Japan’s 3rd Largest City Looks Totally Empty the Day Before G20 Summit

Osaka, Japan’s third largest city with a population of over 2.6 million, has been turned into a ghost town one day before the G20 summit on June 28.

Pictures and videos taken by Japanese netizens show the streets and highways of Osaka devoid of pedestrians and vehicles.

According to SoraNews24, as part of security measures for the G20 summit, sections of the Hanshin Expressway, which runs through Osaka, have been closed for the duration of the event.

Many residents are used to seeing trucks and other vehicles passing through the expressway and commuters going about their day. But this time, it is completely empty — aside from the occasional passing of police patrolling the area.

“There’s something satisfying to it, like all the clutter has been put away,” one social media user said.

Residents of the city can expect to see Osaka become a ghost town for a few more days as the G20 summit is scheduled to run through June 29.

Featured Image via Twitter / seirogan_cp (Left), Twitter / a1chanZ (Right)

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