‘Oreo Rice’ is a Thing on Twitter That Will Shake You to Your Core

‘Oreo Rice’ is a Thing on Twitter That Will Shake You to Your Core‘Oreo Rice’ is a Thing on Twitter That Will Shake You to Your Core
For some inexplicable reason, Oreo rice exists and that can be either amusing or bemusing to you depending on your tolerance for odd food pairings.
Created by Soranews24 back in 2012 to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday, the strange concoction of rice, Oreos, and milk has somehow persisted, showing up in online conversations from time to time.   
“Oreo Rice is a dessert dish that combines the century-old flavor of Oreo cookies with rice, the very staple of Japanese cuisine,” the original post read. “It’s a Far East spin on an American classic with a unique texture and fantastic taste that we guarantee your whole family will enjoy, even if it does look a bit like asphalt.”
Making Oreo rice is simple enough, as it is basically the same as steaming rice, with water replaced by milk and then topped with as much Oreo cookies as you can fit in the rice cooker.
The most prominent iteration was Buzzfeed’s version from 2015, which has so far gained over 72 million views. 
Oreo rice recently re-emerged online after Twitter user @WahyuYordan posted some photos of it late last week, igniting mostly negative comments from grossed out netizens.
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Not everyone is weirded out with the chocolatey rice, though. Some who have tried it say the dish is “surprisingly good” and even likened it to “tiramisu in risotto form.”
It is also important to note that the idea of combining rice with chocolate has existed since Filipinos started mixing sticky rice with cocoa powder to create the sweet chocolate rice porridge called Champorado.
Featured image via Twitter/WahyuYordan
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