Oreo Mooncakes Actually Exist and They Are Being Sold in Asia

Oreo Mooncakes Actually Exist and They Are Being Sold in Asia

September 3, 2019
The existence of Oreo mooncakes, an Americanized take on the traditional Asian pastry, has shocked Facebook users who were curious to try the unique desserts.
This American twist on the traditional mooncake is available at the Saigon Center Mall in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, according to the comments under Sophie Tran’s Facebook post.
Each package comes with two pieces of Oreo Mooncakes.
On the outside, it looks like a giant chunky Oreo.
It is unclear if the sweet treat is entirely made of Oreo or if they added other ingredients into the mix. Tran described the Oreo Mooncake as “very sweet.”
“It tastes like what you imagine a chocolate moon cake to taste,” she said in her response to a Facebook user.
Traditionally, a mooncake consists of a filling made from either red beans or lotus seed paste wrapped in a thin crust. Some variants may include egg yolks or salted duck eggs.
Orea mooncakes have existed for a few years as an exclusive product sold in Asia during the mid-Autumn Festival with past flavors like Brownie Chocolate, Double Chocolate with Milk, Strawberry Jam, and Custard and Pineapple Jam.
The same variant this year has also popped up in Singapore as well. According to Mothership, the Oreo Mooncakes can be bought for 23.50 Singaporean dollars ($16.90).
Each box contains four different flavors of the traditional pastry: brownie chocolate, double chocolate with milk, strawberry jam and cappuccino. However, it appears the packaging differs in each region as shown in the short unboxing clip posted by Tran.
The product was made available via FairPrice’s website, but the listing appears to be taken down as of the time of writing.
Featured Image via Facebook / Sophie Tran
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