Order This Drink, and an Uber Will Whisk You off into a Coveted Secret Club in SF

Order This Drink, and an Uber Will Whisk You off into a Coveted Secret Club in SFOrder This Drink, and an Uber Will Whisk You off into a Coveted Secret Club in SF
Editors note: All images credited to Joe Starkey of Thrillist and are reprinted with their permission.
Are you feeling adventurous? There’s a secret drink available right now at the Burritt Room + Tavern, an SF restaurant and lounge by Charlie Palmer, that will take you to a private social club via Uber when ordered — completely free! Joe Starkey of Thrillist recently went and takes us through the entire process.
The first step is to get a table in the main dining room. After being seated, ask for the Wingtip Vieux Carré Me Away.
The server will then return with two things: A custom-made coaster with an embossed Wingtip shoe and the drink itself.
The drink is priced at $16, created by Wingtip’s Bar Director Brian MacGregor and is made with Glenfiddich 15, Remy Martin VSOP, Benedictine, and two types of bitters — Fancy!
As you’re eating, the restaurant will call the concierge at Wingtip (a private social club located two floors above their store with the same name) to let them know you’re coming. You can bring up to 3 guests with you.
Once you’re done, an Uber black car will be waiting outside the Mystic Hotel to take you to the club.
You’ll then arrive at the Wingtip storefront. Simply walk in, and take an immediate right into the elevators.
Go up to level 10..
You’ll then enter the main lobby. The concierge should have your name and will help you figure out what to do for the night.
You have a variety of options to spend your night, including…
…Checking out their epic whiskey collection.
Or smoke a cigar in one of their awesome rooms, like this one with a rotating fireplace.
Or grab a drink at the bar made with rare Japanese Whiskey.
On the rocks with this beast of a machine that presses blocks of ice…
…into this!
After a couple drinks, it might be fun to mess around with this state-of-the-art golf simulator that uses light and sound sensors to calculate distance.
So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation now to start off your epic night!
Source: Thrillist
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