Japanese Mathmetician Creates the Most Mind-Blowing Optical Illusion

Strange “optical toys” that appear to change form right before the viewers’ eyes have mesmerized many netizens in Japan.

Designed by Japanese mathematician Kokichi Sugihara, the pieces of acrylic objects offer mind-bending optical illusions that make them look entirely different when viewed using a mirror.


The creative Meiji University professor makes it a point to reveal how the viewer is manipulated with the ingenious use of reflection, perspective and the cleverly designed contours of the objects in his videos.


This object, for instance, appears to be a four-pointed star on one end but then transform into smooth round circles when viewed on the opposite side.

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Another creation is an arrow that always points to the right no matter how one tries to point it in the opposite direction.

Using a gradual difference in height, he was able to create the illusion of a rounded edge on the left side of the arrow, while the sudden elevation of the edges gives the right side an appearance of a pointed end.


Meanwhile, this clover looks like a heart when viewed on the opposite side. This illusion takes advantage of the viewer’s fixed perspective and a slight alteration of vantage point would completely alter its shape. 


Sugihara’s incredible work has reaped numerous awards at the international Best Illusion of the Year Contest over the years, reports SoraNews24.

Featured Image via YouTube / Meiji University

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