Singaporean OnlyFans creator Titus Low opens ‘Only Creamery’ cafe on ‘6/9’

Singaporean OnlyFans creator Titus Low opens ‘Only Creamery’ cafe on ‘6/9’Singaporean OnlyFans creator Titus Low opens ‘Only Creamery’ cafe on ‘6/9’
Carl Samson
September 6, 2022
Singaporean influencer Titus Low, who has sparked controversy for producing NSFW content on OnlyFans, launched a cafe business called Only Creamery this week.
Low, 22, first made headlines in late December after being arrested for “transmitting obscene materials” in Singapore. The country’s penal code makes it illegal to transmit any obscene materials by electronic means or to take part in or receive profits from any business where such materials are transmitted.
Low was released on a $3,700 bail on the condition that he refrain from posting to OnlyFans. On Tuesday, he and three other co-founders opened Only Creamery in Singapore’s Chinatown.
“Something I have been working on these past few months,” Low wrote on Instagram ahead of launch day. “Happy to announce that we’ll be opening on 6/9! Come by and say hi.”
Only Creamery is reportedly a collaboration between Low, a friend and the people behind Hundred Acre Creamery, another cafe based in Clementi.
Mothership, which visited Only Creamery, described the business as being “decked out in bright, eye-catching colors,” with geometric design elements, sofas and high stools rounding out the visual experience.
For its debut menu, Only Creamery is offering 18 gelato flavors, with prices starting from 5 Singaporean dollars (approximately $3.55), as well as pastries, coffee, tea and other beverages.
Low, who has been tasked with ideation and marketing — essentially serving as the face of the business — told Mothership that he will pop by “sometimes” and “randomly” at the store whenever his schedule permits.
Low is still facing five charges and potential incarceration in connection with his OnlyFans content. He previously told the Los Angeles Times that he plans to move to London or Los Angeles to restart his OnlyFans career.
Featured Image via Titus Low
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