Chinese Cosplay Store Sells Freaky Realistic Silicone Bodysuits and Masks

Cosplayers who want to dress up as the opposite sex sometimes have to get very creative, but one online store is reaching out to the public to offer realistic-looking custom-made silicone bodysuits and masks.

Eyung Crossdressing Store, an online Chinese store on AliExpress, offers a wide selection of masks and different cup sizes of half or full bodysuits.

Customers can choose from three different maks options: a simple face mask, a full head mask, and a full head mask that comes with breasts.

The prices for the silicone-based bodysuits and masks vary depending on the items. A face mask starts at around $98, while a full bodysuit that comes with a head mask costs $650.

It is still a reasonable price to pay since you can temporarily transform yourself into the opposite sex without the need to undergo surgery, SoraNews24 noted.

Besides female silicone bodysuits and masks, Eyung also sells male masks.

Images via AliExpress / Eyung Crossdressing Store

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