YouTuber Creates Japanese Rice Balls That Are Too Beautiful to Eat


A YouTuber from Japan is showcasing his food crafting skills by turning Japanese rice balls into edible works of art.

The Japanese dish, locally called onigiri, is made from steamed rice, often formed into balls (or other shapes) and is usually wrapped with nori (dried seaweed).

However, the YouTube channel Onigiri Gekijou (Rice Ball Theater) has taken rice molding to a whole new level. The artist even adds flavorful garnishes to complete the designs.

The videos show how “onigiri art” is created.

Among the channel’s most popular videos is the cat onigiri which required lots of detailing.  

In the clip, the YouTuber is shown spreading iwa nori (Japanese seaweed) over the cat’s forehead and ears, then covering it with katsuobushi (dried tuna flakes) and kurosurigoma (ground black sesame) to create the fur.

Check out the complete video below:

One of the more amusing creations from the channel is the onigiri version of Binbocchama-kun from Obocchama-kun.

Feature Image via おにぎり劇場

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