New Service Gives You Unlimited Flights in the U.S. for $1,500 a Month

For a $1,500 per month membership, frequent fliers can fly anywhere in the United States on as many flights as their hearts desire.
The new service, OneGo, consists of a flat monthly fee that gives members access to all routes in the United States that are serviced by major airlines. The initial set up for a new traveler account includes a one-time expense of $495.
After that the price of the monthly fees depend on three regional plans within the U.S..
— West, 35 routes, $1,500
— East, 158 routes, $2,300
— Central, 35 routes, $1,950
— National Plan, +500 routes, $2,950
Users of OneGo are also able to add on other services such as last-minute booking, unlimited changes and more reservations for an additional fee of between $500 to $1,950.
OneGo is ideal for frequent fliers who are looking to budget on airfare costs. The 500 routes available are among the most popular travel destinations that stop at the top 76 airports in the country. The company notes that not every route in the U.S. is covered by OneGo.
According to OneGo, the app is “empowering business travelers to take flight as often as they need.”
Paulius Grigas, OneGo founder and CEO, told Mashable:
“With all-you-can-eat kind of services, people eat more.” For travelers who use OneGo, “you just naturally fly more.”
The best part is there is no long-term commitment as the subscription can be cancelled at any time.
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