Why Korean Women Tend to Look Younger Than Western Women

When it comes to aging, most people have probably heard of the term “Asians don’t raisin.” But apart from good genes, it was revealed that there’s another factor that determines why most Asian women seem to look younger than those in the West.

Many people get surprised when Koreans, in particular, reveal their real age. Apart from their extensive skin care and anti-aging regimen, Koreans were asked why they think most Asian people look younger than Westerners.

According to Koreaboo, it comes down to makeup and the difference in how Koreans apply makeup compared to their Western counterparts.

Koreans tend to go for the “barely there” or the “no makeup makeup” which gives them a more youthful look. Most of them rely solely on BB creams and lip tints to give them that radiant and luminescent look.

Meanwhile, Western girls prefer the dramatic and sophisticated look which uses heavy “baking” and “contouring.” Most of them apply several layers of makeup which can look aging on the face and “cakey” on the skin.

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For this reason alone, a Western girl in her teens wearing heavy makeup would look twice her age while a 30-something Korean woman with minimal makeup on her face would strip ten years off her actual age.

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