One in Four Japanese Men Wait Until 50 to Get Married

One in Four Japanese Men Wait Until 50 to Get Married
King Malleta
By King Malleta
April 5, 2017
While the Japanese government is already growing worried because of their dwindling and ageing population, it doesn’t help that one in four Japanese men are waiting past their prime to get married.
According to Japan Times, one in four men and one in seven women wait until they are 50 to get married.
The new report from the National Institute of Population and Social Security showed that the percentage of people who wait until they are 50 to marry increased by 3.23% in men and 2.45% in women.
This report is released every five years as part of a national census. Experts say that the numbers only reflect the effects of less social pressure to marry as well employment woes.
“There is less social pressure to marry than before, and more people are choosing to stay single of their own will,” said senior researcher at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute, Akiko Kitamura.
“At the same time, more young people cannot get married even if they wanted to because they cannot picture having a family, particularly a child, because of a lack of opportunity to meet people and of financial success.”
As a solution, Kitamura suggests that the government should make policies that would help stabilize and create an environment where men and women can work and raise a family, South China Morning Post said.
At present, Okinawa has the highest percentage of unmarried men while Tokyo has the largest number of unmarried women.
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