Guy Challenges Himself to Eat on $3 a Day, Becomes a Cooking Master

Guy Challenges Himself to Eat on $3 a Day, Becomes a Cooking Master
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
October 19, 2015
Josh and Mike Greenfield are better known by their Youtube name, the Brothers Green. The dynamic duo are professional cooks despite not having any culinary schooling whatsoever.
Their website page reads:
“With no proper training, but simply through the drive of having a mom who was not a great cook, Josh and Mike began cooking at a young age and got all of their kitchen chops through practice, exploration, cookbooks, and an obsession with all things foot tv.”
The Greenfields are known for their Youtube channel Brothers Green Eats, which has garnered nearly 236,000 subscribers and over 15 million views.
With degrees in marketing and architecture, the Greenfields utilized their cooking expertise to cater dinner parties and teach cooking lessons in New York after college. It was only when a friend with a degree from New York University Film School moved in with them that the trio began filming their cooking.
The Brothers Green want their viewers to know that cooking does not require formal training. Their videos include themes such as underage eating, stoner-friendly food and the wild, weird, and crazy things that can be made with simple ingredients.
Their latest video series involve cooking three meals a day that cost $1 each to make. Watch as Josh Greenfield survives in pricey Manhattan by living on $21 worth of food for a week.
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