Asian TikToker Called a ‘Ch*nk,’ ‘Zipperhead’ in Racist Encounter on Omegle

A TikTok user with a following of nearly 100,000 recently shared a video of his encounter with a racist on Omegle.

What happened: On June 27, Seantanwanton shared a short clip of his interaction, Dexerto reported.

@seantanwantonthis is not okay stop asian hate and BLM #blm #stopasianhate #blacklivesmatter #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #asianlivesmatter♬ original sound – seanz

  • The video started when a white young man and an off-camera friend began calling Seantanwanton “ch*nk” and “zipperhead.”
  • During the interaction, the young man asked the TikTok user if he knew what a “zipperhead” was. He then gave a detailed description of the derogatory term used against East Asian people.
  • Seantanwanton was surprised by the young man’s enthusiasm as he explained the gruesome origins of the racial slur, which was used during the Korean War.
  • The Singaporean-born TikTok user immediately cut the video when the man started to compare the Asian slur to the N-word.

Reaction and support: Seantanwanton told Newsweek that the encounter on Omegle left him feeling “pissed, angry and annoyed.”

  • The TikTok user said he always experienced “such things every time I am on the TikTok server.” He hoped the video he shared would help teach “others to be respectful to different people from different countries.”
  • He received a lot of support from his followers after sharing the video on social media.

An Asian woman had a similar encounter last year where she recorded the racists she met on Omegle amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured Image via @sean.nnnn

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