Old-School Japanese Underwear is Making an Epic Comeback

Old-School Japanese Underwear is Making an Epic ComebackOld-School Japanese Underwear is Making an Epic Comeback
Fundoshi, a type of traditional Japanese underwear popular among men before World War II, is now making a comeback.
via Wikimedia Commons / Mike Rush (CC BY-SA 3.0)
While it is highly popular during summer season, fundoshi, or just simply a loincloth, is also commonly used in rainy seasons, according to SoraNews24. It helps keep a man or woman’s nether region well ventilated.
There has been a sudden growth of popularity with the old-school Japanese underwear in recent years, which prompted underwear company Sheepeace to release a wide range of fundoshi that’s marketed not only just for men, but for women as well.
What’s interesting here, however, is the way the company markets the fundoshi on its website. As noticed by SoraNews24, the men’s undergarment was promoted using mannequin parts only, while the women brand has models in scantily-clad clothing.
via Sheepeace
via Sheepeace
via Sheepeace
Wondering how to wear the comfortable-looking undergarment? Sheepeace added a very handy illustration showing how you can cover yourself up with the fundoshi.
via Sheepeace
With this piece of clothing, it’s really not that hard to imagine the amount of freedom you’ll have down there compared to the somewhat restrictive briefs or panties that are more common nowadays. In case you have a hard time doing that, artist Yuya Igarashi is here to show what’s it like to be “free,” so to speak – and some of the activities you can do while wearing it.
via Instagram / iganism
via Instagram / iganism
You can apparently even jump high while wearing this without the worry of something slipping or popping out.
via Instagram / iganism
via Instagram / iganism
If jumping and posing while in fundoshi is not enough, you can also dance with it. Igarashi, who is also known as “the fundoshi dancer”, will show you some moves.
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Featured image via Instagram / iganism
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