Old Chinese Thief Sells Stolen iPhone for $29 Because It ‘Had Only One Button’

We love our elders, but not when they become thieves — and terrible ones at that.

A Chinese man, believed to be around 70, stole an iPhone 6 Plus and sold it for a sad 200 yuan ($29). The model currently sells for $785.

According to Yangtse.com (via South China Morning Post), the unnamed elder stole the Apple smartphone in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Friday. Surveillance camera caught him rummaging though a pile of belongings next to a basketball court.

The man was arrested two days after the crime. However, in a surprising twist to the story, the man expressed regret and thought of dumping it for good. But why?

As it turned out, the man sold the device to a stranger because it had only one button. He was quoted as saying:

“I realized there was only one button on the phone. It didn’t seem very handy. It was a decision made at a moment of weakness. I will have to hide my face in shame.”

The man claimed he never stole before and was released on bail.

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