This 27-Year-Old Woman is Getting Rich off of Huge Blankets She Knits Without Needles

A 27-year-old is making a killing on Etsy selling her trendy wool blankets, which she lists for $400 apiece.

Anna Marinenko’s blankets are sold in her Etsy store, which has amassed over 36,000 admirers and nearly 2,000 total sales since its opening earlier this year.

The Kiev, Ukraine-based blanket-maker began knitting her blankets with her hands instead of needles a year ago after coming across a giant spool of merino wool.

“One day [I saw] an unusual material that awakened my imagination,” she told Tech Insider. “I did not have any knitting needles, so I just started to knit with my hands.”

Those she admits her technique isn’t original, her blankets with their oversized stitches have been a popular object of desire on social media like Pinterest and Instagram.

Marinenko doesn’t reveal how much her blankets’ raw materials cost her or where she gets them from, but she sells spools of the thick merino wool used in her blankets for $100 per two 17.5-ounce balls, which customers can use to knit a 25- by 45-inch blanket.

She sells a variety of chunky knit items with a high range of prices in her online store. Currently, she is selling a pet bed that starts at $100 and a 3-inch thick rug that is listed at $700.

Marinenko recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help expand her distribution. With 10 days still left, she’s raised nearly $110,00 — more than five times her original goal of $20,000.

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