Office Workers Post an Innocent Message on Their Window — Starts Epic Post-It War

Check out the following epic post-it battle between two large office buildings in New York City. It’s moment like these that add spice to a boring work day!

It all started with an innocent “HI” on the 6th floor at 75 Varick Street in NYC.

Soon, “Sup” appeared on the building across the street at 200 Hudson.

Since both buildings had media and marketing agencies, it eventually lead to an epic post-it war.

Funny pictures and messages started filling up the windows.

Someone even made a Snapchat icon.

Each window had it’s own unique take. 

Angry Birds even appeared!

3M, the post-it manufacturer even joined in by providing free post-it notes as ammunition. 

As time went on, it seems that no one could win.

Not even the incredibly Spiderman could help!

Finally, Havas Wordwide ended the war with a mic drop.

Actually, it was the building manager who ordered all participants to take everything down by the weekend. What party poopers!

h/t: Bored Panda

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