Obsessive K-Pop Fangirl Makes Her Dad Cry on TV After Spending Over $10,000 on Merchandise

Obsessive K-Pop Fangirl Makes Her Dad Cry on TV After Spending Over $10,000 on MerchandiseObsessive K-Pop Fangirl Makes Her Dad Cry on TV After Spending Over $10,000 on Merchandise
A Korean student who repeatedly skipped school and splurged thousands of bucks in her obsession with a K-Pop group has her father bawling on national TV.
Yuna, a middle schooler, is a fan of SEVENTEEN, a 13-member boy group from Pledis Entertainment.
Yuna’s obsession came to light in a recent episode of “Hello Counselor,” a South Korean reality TV show that features ordinary people and their life stories.
In the episode, it was revealed that Yuna always came late for school, and some times, she would not attend at all.
Yuna confessed that she also followed SEVENTEEN according to their schedules — without returning home in some occasions.
At one point, she waited outside the program “Music Bank” for four hours from 3 a.m. just to see the boys enter the building.
With complete disregard of responsibilities, Yuna soon found herself failing and was forced to retake her entire third year of middle school.
“I exceeded the 60 days limit of missing school, so I was held back. But I feel there’s no use regretting it. I must redo the entire year anyway,” she said.
As if matters were not dire enough, Yuna also spent a whopping 12 million won (at least $10,000) for SEVENTEEN merchandise — money coming from her father who arrives from work in the middle of the night.
She bought posters, photo cards, light sticks and a slew of other products, Insight noted.
Yuna’s father, who was also present on the show, said that her obsession may have resulted from a lack of family attention. He then broke into tears, begging her to stop.
“My heart breaks because of my daughter. It’s been hard … I think she started this hobby because of her loneliness. I go to work at 1pm and come home in the middle of the night,” he said.
The story turns for the better as the show surprises Yuna with a special video from SEVENTEEN.
“We heard that a student named Yuna is neglecting her studies because of us. We’re grateful that you love us so much, but we’re very disappointed to hear that you’re neglecting studies.
“So if we hear that you’re doing well in school, we will invite you to our concert.
“Yuna, we hope you work hard and have a blessed new year. We’re cheering for you!”
Apparently, that is all Yuna needed to turn her life around and take her studies more seriously, according to SBS News.
“I’ll be a CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name) who won’t skip school or be tardy. I’ll also do as my parents say,” she said.
Obsessive K-Pop fans are nothing new in South Korea. They are notoriously known as “sasaeng” fans, and they know virtually every possible detail about their idols.
Images: Screenshots via KBS
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