‘Obedient Wife’ School in China Shuts Down After Extreme Backlash

‘Obedient Wife’ School in China Shuts Down After Extreme Backlash‘Obedient Wife’ School in China Shuts Down After Extreme Backlash
Authorities closed a controversial school in northeastern China that trains women to be submissive to men following a massive outcry on social media.
The Fushun School of Traditional Culture, run by the Fushun Traditional Values Association in Liaoning Province, taught what it called “traditional Chinese virtues,” requiring students to wake up at 4:30 each morning and log eight hours of household chores under supervision.
In viral footage, students are told that victims of domestic violence must not fight back. It also warned that they will die if they have sex with more than three men.
Meanwhile, those who order take-out instead of cooking for their families are told that they will lose their virtue.
A footage also showed students women crying, kneeling and apologizing for “wrongful deeds.”
According to local media, the school also taught that women are inferior to men and must comply with everything asked of them. They were discouraged from wearing cosmetics and pursuing careers.
The school quickly caught fire on the internet, with many slamming its archaic teachings. In a Weibo notice, the education bureau of Fushun said that it will “stop any phenomenon that violated the core value of socialism.”
The school was shut down on Sunday for social morality violations. Speaking to the Global Times, an employee, surnamed Chai, explained that the video was merely misinterpreted:
“The school has been opened for seven or eight years, and is free of charge. People who receive an education here are always grateful to us.”
But a 47-year-old student claimed otherwise, saying that the physical “torture” and problematic lessons shocked her.
“I didn’t expect it would be like this – that I would be treated as even worse than a prisoner,” he told the South China Morning Post. “What I find worse is that they instill the idea that men are superior to women and our teachers keep repeating that the most important task for a woman is to reproduce, that she cannot say ‘no’ to her husband and divorce is unacceptable.”
The Fushun School is just one of several others teaching “traditional women’s virtues” throughout China. It was founded in 2011 by Kang Jinsheng, who reportedly has a criminal record for stabbing a teacher when he was 14 and killing a gang member in 1988 before his arrest and suspended death sentence.
Watch the video below:
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