Dashcam captures couple ‘literally dodging a bullet’ during shootout on Oakland freeway

Dashcam captures couple ‘literally dodging a bullet’ during shootout on Oakland freewayDashcam captures couple ‘literally dodging a bullet’ during shootout on Oakland freeway
A bullet barely missed a Bay Area couple who were caught in crossfire during a shootout on East Bay Freeway in Oakland. 
Garrett Mason and his fiancée Tina Do were leaving work in San Leandro and driving eastbound on Interstate 580 on June 14 when a bullet shot through their vehicle’s front windshield and exited through the rear window.
The car’s dashboard camera captured the incident, showing how the bullet was just inches away from hitting Do. The couple reportedly posted the clip on Instagram two weeks later, which then went viral overnight. 
“One of the vehicle’s passengers got outside of their window, basically sat up on their passenger window, and opened fire at the car that was tailing them,” Mason told CBS News. “One of the bullets happened to go through our windshield.”
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The California Highway Patrol, who said freeway shootings were common in the area, is currently investigating the shooting. 
With more than 80 freeway shootings in the Bay Area over the last four years, Governor Gavin Newsom has pledged funding for a new camera system across California.
“I grew up in the South Bay so it’s like my family is all here. And hearing that story about how on 880 not that long ago about a two year old boy. Now that it’s like personally hit me and you don’t want it to affect anyone else,” Do told ABC7 News. “It’s really disappointing it’s happening in our hometown.” 
The couple is currently working with a detective on their case. However, Mason is reportedly not optimistic that their case will be solved. He said he did not get the plate number of the vehicles nor did he manage to capture an image of the shooter. 
“Unfortunately we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also luck at the right time,” the couple said. “People have commented if you were a second faster in your car or a second slower how could that have changed where the bullet went. But we can’t think too much about the what ifs. It’s just where we’re at. So we can say we literally dodged a bullet.”
Featured Image via CBS Bay Area
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