We’ve Found the Real Life Version of Mr. Hyunh From ‘Hey Arnold!’

It should be pretty clear by now that Asians can do anything, even sing American country songs, apparently.

While the rest of the world may not know much about the local pop culture in Mongolia, it seems that the country is a big fan of the Western music scene like many countries in Asia.

This observation, of course, is based only on the now viral Mongolian man who impressively belted an amazing rendition of “Amarillo by Morning” by country music legend George Strait during an audition for Mongolia’s “Got Talent”. The widely shared YouTube video, which has been viewed almost 1.5 million times now, included a description that identified the singer as O.Enkh-Erdene. The talented singer eventually went on to win the competition.

Netizens are not only impressed by Enkh-Erdene’s pipes but also his flawless ability to pull off the unique southern accent for a great country ballad.

“It’s confirmed! no matter how good you are, there is always be an Asian better than you,” said one commenter on 9gag.

“How can he sing a country song with American southern accent,” another wondered.

“Amazing how his voice doesn’t fit his face at all. Great voice btw !” pointed out one netizen.

As an Asian guy singing Western country songs may not really be that common, the guy deserves props for helping demolish stereotypes on what Asians can or can’t do.

Then again,  it shouldn’t be a surprise, as a certain Vietnamese immigrant named Mr. Hyunh from the classic Nickelodeon show “Hey Arnold!” already did the same thing before in the episode “Dangerous Lumber/Mr. Hyunh Goes Country”.

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